Learn Your Heroes in Lords Mobile

One of the common mistakes of playing the Lords Mobile is that the players ignore to check their heroes gradually. Actually, you can simply tap your Hero and comprehensive information will be provided to you in three tabs. If you tap three times, you’ll be to check your Hero’s background as well as the attributes. There will be valuable information which can be used to improve your play. These include:

1.Hero Rank, Symbol, and Attribute.

The Hero Rank on this page can be found in the top left corner while the top right corner is occupied with the type of Hero’s attribute for sure. The ranks are identified with different colors but you can always easily see the number. The attribute types include the AGI Hero, INT Hero, and STR Hero.


It also informs you with the EXP earned by your hero through the EXP Bar. Each time you’ve got enough EXP, you’ll level up and the bar informs you with the EXP required. Despite EXP, there is also Might information which measure how you mighty your hero is. The system converts the bar and number based on current stats including your skills, equipment, rank, grade, control, and so forth.


One of the most important information in Lords Mobile is, of course, the equipment. There will be an equipment sub tab which navigates to equipment page as you tap it. You’ll be informed with the item description and how many in the stack by far. You can see the equipment should be owned for your Hero and fuse the equipment through this screen for sure. You can equip your Hero with up to six units of the equipment. Each time you complete the slots, your Hero is eligible to Rank up promotion in a countdown timer.


The tab also informs you with the medals you’ve earned for your Hero. Collecting the medals can enhance your Heroes grade to the higher. Heroes with the higher grade will possess a greater Might stats which means more powerful. With this information, you can always be reminded and motivated to collect more medals for your Heroes so you can also improve the medals.

You can visit this tab any time you want but it’s suggested to check it regularly. Checking is also a must when you’re planning an invasion so you can evaluate how prepared your kingdom. This way, you can find aspects which you should enhance and work on.